Beaten and abused by guards  ..  paraded in shame thought the streets  ..  his back whipped by a vengeful brute  ..  physically, mentally assaulted.
His emotions ripped apart  ..  shamefully his manliness torn to shreds  .. 

So determined to stand up to them  ..  to show his people a lead  ..  What had become of that hope?
Friendless  ..  abandoned  ..  lost  ..

Revolving fortunes

He’d led a life of privilege.  He’d been given respect  ..  by right of his position.  As warrior against the enemy, though, he’d earned that respect from his people.
But fortunes change  …



An apology:
In the rush to get images uploaded before another cyber-attack, the model in this chapter was wrongly identified.  It is Aden Jaric.  And yesterday an old version of the image was uploaded by mistake.  The images in the gallery have been amended.