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White Bull 1 – picture gallery

One of the pleasant unintended consequences of updating the way the blog looks has been discovering some things that have not been uploaded.
These include:

  • AfterDark’s images for the first part of the Junglemen/ Tarzan White Bull story.
    In fact, they were drawn after the original posting.  But they beautifully complement sections of the storyline.
    Some of them were included in the printed version that has been uploaded.  But not available for viewing at full size in a picture gallery.
    And some were missing from the text file too.  This has been rectified, the missing ones have now been incorporated into the body of the tale.
    AfterDark’s illustrations have  their own gallery  now.
  • Gundar – Legends collide
    It turns out too that this joint venture with dBeverly has never seen the light of day on this site.
    Gundar is totally dBeverly’s creation.  But the text was fleshed-out by me in a hectic and eventful collaboration.
    The full story with dBeverly’s illustrations will be appearing soon



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