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Coup – available now

This short Tarzan story featuring in the illustrations Valentin Mitev has been stored away in the rendsz’ world active website.

Click on Valentin below to link to the story’s webpage.

Help yourself.  It’s free to download a complete illustrated copy of “Coup”




Coup de grace



Shame on you, anyone who doubts.  Sceptical that Tarzan can pull this off. 

Strangers have come into his jungle, with deadly weapons, taking hostages.  Threatening lives.  Killing at will.

He doesn’t know why they have come.  No idea what they are up to.  Or why they are nervous about being found out.

He doesn’t need to.  Doesn’t matter.  Evil men are prowling in his world.  They don’t belong.  Uninvited.  Unwanted.  Here.  But not for much longer.  He’ll break their necks!


A final thought  …….



12. Caution



He had to be hurting.  Like hell!  That beating earlier had pummelled up his insides.  By dawn the bruising would have coloured up.  Stiffness set in.

He’d been warned   ….  The hostages.  Pull any funny stuff and he was condemning a bunch of savages to agonising deaths.  Pieters ‘d have the rest of them watch.  Seeing their buddy-savages tortured out of their minds.  Warning what they’d be getting.   ‘Cause their Tarzan was trying on his stunts. 

Had the asshole learned enough not to pull any tricks?  He’d felt the knuckle-rings.  Play them up   …  and the prick would get a good pistol-whipping as well.  Taking no shit from him. 

Not gonna pull any punches.  Get treated to a good kicking.  Jerk them around  ..  and the Wildman would feel military-grade boots chomping down on his hide.


Taking no chances





11. Scouting-out



So much for all that pig-headedness.  The fool thought they had only one card up their sleeve?  Just keep hammering away at his abs with knuckle-rings.  He’d already shown he was resistant to that.  And they couldn’t come up with anything better?  As if  ……!  They’d all been round the houses more often than enough..  More than one way to skin a cat. 

The old faithful  ..  threaten another sucker  ..  a different way to twist the gut.  Having a black savage taking it instead  …..  Barely made a start  ……  and the asshole crumbled!  Not hard-skinned enough, the fool.  The asshole had broken.  Saving the skin of some unknown savage.  Prick!  Not acting so tough now, asshole, eh? 

Started to spill the beans.  That spiteful stab in the savage’s guts  ..  unwarranted.  But a warning to the prick not to jerk them around.  The Wildman had intel.  They were having it.  Pull some funny stuff  …   and the prod was gonna stick it to the black savage again.  And again.  As often as it took.  Eventually it’d worm the intel out.


No pissing around!





10. Surrender


They’d gone through SERE.  They all knew what it took.  Knew the cost of interrogation.  All taken the beatings.  Had the wind knocked out of them till they couldn’t breathe.

The Wildman would have given in  ..  eventually.  Knocked senseless.  Beaten till he couldn’t think straight.  Had the shit thumped out of those crimson-glistening abs.  He’d have blabbed.

Eventually.  But they couldn’t risk the time.  Probably an enemy somewhere out there.  SERE had taught them the problem.  What the hell you do when the fuckers threaten your buddy’s life?  Test of loyalties.  Mind-wrenching, gut-twisting dilemma.  And no amount of rock-hard belly-muscle can fend off that kind of attack.

Go for it ….!


9. Plan


Didn’t always have to stick a sucker with a punch.  True, nothing like the feel of a hard fist beating up solid abs.  The blood-rush as a knuckle-ring smashed up cocky muscle.

But they stuck the prick with the prod.  Knocked the asshole to his ass on the floor.  That worked too.  The buzz as shock sent the sucker sprawling in the dirt.  And the effort didn’t even raise a bead of sweat.

Took the Wildman unawares.  Eyes popping wide with surprise.  The shock sure gave his tonsils something to shout about  ……


Let’s hear it for the man ……




8. Stand-in



What an asshole!  Thought he could impress?  Lounging back in his cell  ..  resting against the wall.  Like they hadn’t hurt him.  Who-the-hell he think he was fooling?

He was hurting.  Hurting like hell.  ‘ Course his guts were on fire.  Those knuckles had pounded him  to fuck.  Passed out with the pain.  Sucker would be shitting blood.  Innards busted to shreds.

Soon showed the asshole, though!  Slow to react  ..  slammed his front into the wall.  Pain nearly collapsed him knees.  Followed through  ..  a few hard knocks to the kidneys.  Soon knocked the cockiness out of the prick.  No shortage of those if he was looking for more.


Keep going  ….


in praise of men we’d like to be





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