Worth something – illustrated

How do they do it?  These heroes?  Wriggle ouf of impossible corners?  Escape the inescapable fix?
It’s in the mission  ..  rendsz’ world lore  ..  ENDURE.  Tough guys battling adversity with mind-blowing toughness  ..  and ENDURE.

No snuffing them out on rendsz’ world.
But how do they do it?  How do they live on to fight another day?
A mystery  .. 
rendsz’ world tells tales  ..  it doesn’t betray secrets  .. 

And is there some satisfaction  ..  battling away against impossible odds  ..  and getting away with it?

Conan smirks off to the next horizon  …

Racked, crushed, drained – illustrated

Every management manual advocates it.  The secret of successful planning  –  adaptability.  Flex.  Change.
“Best laid plans of mice-and-men”  ..  flounder if unable to adapt as things go wrong.
Say one thing  ..  mean it  ..  damn-well mean it.  But if things are not going to plan  ..

Racked with pain – illustrated

The meddlesome priest  ..  known for his loathsome kinks  ..  thinks he has a claim on the thief  ..  robbed his god blind  ..  come to take the dog back.
About to squeeze the truth out of the brute  ..  racking the stubborn thief with the extremities of pain  ..  and up turns some drooling pervert  ..  with his own plans for this body.
Getting ideas ..  in the name of his god  ..