The pressure – illustrated

The enemy without, the enemy within.  Taking it, standing up to them  ..  feeling every god-damned punch  ..  grunting through mindless pain  .. 
And battling your own fears  ..  fighting off that temptation  ..  to give in to the overpowering sense of helplessness  ..  all alone  ..  on your own  ..  and who fucking cares  ..?
Standing up to the devil within ..

Hawk – illustrated

First time out, first mission to get under his belt ..  busting a gut to prove himself  ..
Out with guys he admires  ..  men he has to look up to  ..  five years down-the-line  ..  craves to be like them   ..
Captured  ..  put through it  ..  tested  ..  this is for real  …  can’t let his buddies down  ..

Hard life being a rookie  ..


rendsz’ world has gone a bit soft these past weeks.
Consequence of posting cameos  ..  too short  ..  not enough scope to get down to the dirty  ..
Have to let it go with scene-setting  ..  leave things to the readers’ imagination  ..


Nothing soft about Special Forces’ guys  ..  nothing soft when they get caught  ..  mid-mission  ..

New short story starts ..  a bit more ram-bam-bam-bam  …

Privileges of rank