47. Gargantuan

She’d had it up to here.  It seemed this dog just would not lie down.  One of those sorts who die in the effort rather than give in.
Not an option, Logan-boyoh, Mortensen’s coming back for you.  No dying for you, asshole, – not till he gets his hands on you.
So let’s see how you like a bit of gang-rape.
Let’s see how much fire that sticks up your ass.

44. Quandary

She’d been walking a tightrope.  But she’d had it finely judged.
Put this Logan through it  ..  targeted treatment  ..  sustained  ..  enough to break down that wilfulness  ..  that over-weening macho pride.
But embers of life still left glowing.  An object that still put up some spirit.
Enough for Mortensen to play his fun and games