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Kwesi has got off lightly.  Got out of the mess INTACT.  Setting off to fight another battle.
Maybe we’ll come across him again  ….?


Peas in a pod

14.  What next?

Stupidly pig-headed.  Brought it on himself.  Stood up to Lagunov crushing the spirit of out him  ..  Kuznetzov had gone mad beating the shit out of his torso.  The prick was hurting ..  like hell.  Other circumstances, Spetznaz might have admired his spunk.

But patience was running thin.  Let’s see how he fights off body-crunching electro jolts.  Question is  ….
– is his black hide gonna see sense  ..  before he’s zapped in the nuts?

Let’s dance

Peas in a pod

13.  Wired

Zapped up both legs.  Done from those fucking clips biting him in the nipples.  Knocked off his feet.  The fucker Spetznaz had barely started.  But Kwesi was already running with sweat.
Hard to get his breath back.  Struggling in-between to get his heart rate down.
But, fuck-it, Kwesi swore.  He’d die before he gave that asshole anything.

Just had to keep them at him  ..  the mission was all  ….

Testing times

Peas in a pod

13.  Wired

The stud had excelled.  He had had his black hide whipped.  Lagunov had crushed the life out of him.  Kuznetzov had thumped pain into every corner of his torso.  And still he was putting on some brash defiance.
He was built, this black SF bro.  Admirable toughness.  Incredible strength of will.

But enough was enough.  Spetznaz needed results.
A condition of the black’s cooperation?  ..  First he needed his nuts fried?
Spetznaz shrugged.  Be my guest.


Peas in a pod

13.  Wired

For the sake of the mission   …  To give the other guys a chance …  The target was some evil fucker who needed to be taken down  …  To turn this fuck-up into a win  …….

Kwesi stood grim-faced  ..  his will steely – even as his guts churned  ..
He’d take it  ..  he had to  ..  for the sake of the guys  …..


Peas in a pod

13.  Wired

He had to be blind  ..  if he couldn’t see it. Those cables trailing from him to the console  ……
Did he have no feeling? ..  Wasn’t that bite getting through to his thick skull  …..?  That clip grinding on his nuts  …..?
Or was he some masochist ..  this black stud?  Did he get off on this  …..?

Couldn’t he see the writing on the wall?
How he was up to his fucking black neck in shit?