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Jochi – The end

This story has been largely fictional.  Jochi died in 1226, probably on orders of his father. 
Ghengis died a year later, his death place is unknown.  His second (acknowledged ) son took over as Great Khan.  The empire had already been split up to make governing less unwieldy.  Chagatai ruled over Central Asia & Iran.  Jochi’s two sons inherited their father’s share, governing Russia & the Caucasus, invading Poland, Hungary and penetrating to Germany.


00No details of Jochi’s death are known, the idea of him being exposed on a bare mountain as carrion for wild beasts is entirely made up.  But it seemed the kind of thing his father might do.
Like something the Great Khan might do to any author who mis-spelled his name throughout the whole story!
Sorry Genghis ……..  really,  …….


The complete story has been archived

The easy-on-the-eye picture panels in the Gallery summarise each chapter


Jochi panels – Degradation

Carrion.  Abandoned when the nation returns home.  Cast out by an angry father.  Condemned to an inhuman death by an implacable khan.  In the hands of a hated brother. 

Dancing in victory on Jochi’s bones


16. Degradation

16Jochi had faced Chagatai’s beatings and shaming.  Now he faced a challenge from the khan.
Offered a final ride, a Mongol astride his stallion, riding to face his nation at dawn.

How much more degradation can be found?


Jochi panels – Outcast

His final ride, astride the khan’s gift.  A stallion of torment between his warrior thighs.
A night of torture.  Facing his fears before facing the nation.
Broken down by agony.  Weakened, crippled.  In shame cast out by the nation.
Dumped in the mountains.  Abandoned by his people.

Abandoned to his fate.


15. Outcast

15Stripped of everything that made him belong.  Clothes, dignity, the nation.
His people turn their back on Jochi.  Turning back east, going back home.

Jochi left behind



Jochi panels – His presence

Not the goat tethered for sacrifice.  Not for Jochi the final whoosh of the executioner’s sword.
A gift from the khan.
The horse defined the Mongol code.  The nation wandered across continents by horse.  Warriors rode into battle by horse.  The Mongols conquered by horse.
A father’s final gift to his son.  A stallion.

A ride to remember


14. His presence

14Jochi is permitted to rise.  The face his father’s gaze.
Rewarded with a surprise gift from the khan. 
In keeping with Mongol warrior traditions.

A fine stallion to ride