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Gundar – Extras

Seven weekends in a row there has been a Gundar treat.  But by the skin of his teeth he has got away from us.
And there was going to be no more.  The joint project with dBeverly came to an end.

Then, out of the blue  …..


A few years back Afterdark kindly offered some photomanips to accompany the first pages of the Tarzan story,  White Bull 1.

With these new postings of Legends Collide, Afterdark went back to some photomanips he had done on first reading the Gundar story.  Adding some of my text from the beginning of Legends Collide, he has offered a set of 16 picture panels for our enjoyment:

Afterdark’s Gundar picture gallery

Gundar has been warned about the Amari.  Then he chases down some attackers.  But they have come looking for him.


My sincere thanks to Afterdark for his kindness. 
His efforts really add a new perspective to Gundar’s capture.

Incidentally, a new joint venture has started with Afterdark and a friend. 
A promising start.  But any posting is a very long way off.


Gundar – archived

The  complete story  of Legends Collide has been uploaded onto the e-bookshelves in the junglemen section.

This includes a  picture gallery  with a sample of dBeverly’s illustrations.


And then …..?Duel of death title

In fact, there was another Gundar project started with dBeverly. 
Unfortunately life got in the way.

The collaboration on Duel of Death was never completed. 


But in fact, eager readers will have had the chance to read it.
The text was already substantially written when a halt was called to the project. 
It was adapted as the Korak story  Survival.

Where the rescue of Korak by his special forces buddy Kwesi goes wrong. 
For the Kwesi/ Korak duo, – read Gundar.gundar_gaged


The same storyline

– battling adversity



caught up in a war of personal ambition





stirred with a touch of the magical  …..

But essentially the same  …

A pity.  Working with dBeverly was quite a ride.


Gundar – 7 Execution

Weekend  -  Gundar!11d drum xx

The final chapter of dBeverly’s creation doing battle with the Amari. 
Re-captured after trying to escape. 
Back in the hands of the Amari after attacking their king.

One inevitable outcome  …..


Gundar – 6 King’s pet

new_gundar_title large

Worked into the ground.  Nightly toyed with.  Constantly abused.  Is there any way out for the captive jungleman?
When will this inhuman treatment start to turn even the mighty Gundar?  When extreme abuse becomes everyday reality?
If a chance to leave this torture behind ever came  -  would he see it?

The  sixth chapter of Legends Collide  is uploaded for weekend reading.


Gundar – 5 Owned

The weekend is here  -  time for Gundar to strut his stuff.8c In harness xx
The 5th chapter of Legends Collide (5/7)  is  uploaded here.


Gundar is the Amari king’s new toy.  Olu has him permanently humiliated, his manliness shamed.  Worked as a beast of burden.  Treated worse than the dogs. 
Is there anything worse Olu can come up with? 
Does the well of  his depravities have a bottom?
How can a man like Gundar keep a sense of self-worth?


Gundar – 4 Secret is out

The 4th weekend offering of the tribulations of jungleman Gundar in the hands of the Amari. 
Those acts of humiliating and shaming the big stud on the way back to the city revealed the secret of Gundar’s strength – or so his captors think.

The Amari king is offered Gundar’s secret.
None too comfortable.

(Patience – Files take some time to download.)


Gundar – 2 Explorations

Chapter 2 of  Gundar’s explorations  continue this weekend.image
(Apologies – the chapters are byte-heavy, they take a long while to download.)



Picture gallery

It has been a difficult decision.  But I have decided NOT to post all dBeverly’s images in their own picture gallery.
For Legends collide, he created over 30 images of his creation Gundar drawn in his own inimitable style.
But they cannot be posted here.

  • They are his creation, I have no right to post them.  Of course, I could approach him and ask his permission.
    I have not done so because …..
  • Gundar images are explicit.  Physically and sexually.
    The original rendsz’ world was closed down by Microsoft for displaying images of male nudity.  And some of the Gundar images are as tubescent as they come.
    I will risk another close-down.

With regret, then, no picture gallery.
Guys who are members of the Chained Muscle website can probably still find them there.
The rest I am sorry I will have to annoy.



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