Gundar – 1 Plot

Legends collide

Following all the build-up, in the slipstream of all the hype
–  the first chapter of a junglemen story featuring dBeverly’s character Gundar.0 title large

A legendary tribe comes hunting for the living legend known as Gundar.  Their attitudes immediately in conflict.

On a collision course.

The seven lengthy chapters will be posted over the next weekends.

In recognition …..

dBeverly is responsible for the creation of the jungleman superhero Gundar.


dBeverly had already produced a few Gundar stories before he made contact and suggested working together. Gundar is physically an extreme character. The result of a secret potion developed by his scientist father.clip_image002
A real jungle-MAN, he attracts trouble like honey and bees. Many tempted to put one over against this physically impressive male.  Seeing his size and attitude as calling them out.

We worked together well for several months.  Legends Collide  was the result.  dBeverly did the visuals, I did the text. The storyline developed excitedly as ideas were bounced around the ether. A friendly frenetic and enjoyable working relationship.
BUT – whatever I put into developing the character through the storyline – Gundar remains dBeverly’s creation.

Legends Collide turned a full-length novel (- almost 100 pages). Posted to the Chained Muscle site back in 2006 where dBeverly had previously posted his earlier stories.

The story was bounding along. The text was finished, the visuals prepared, enthusiasm carrying us faster than the rate of posting stories. THEN – other distractions intervened. Unavoidable commitments meant time could not be found for postings the rest. A grinding halt.
Regretfully we had to round off the story early. The last completed chapters would not see the light of day. And still have not. Till now.

No one’s fault. It had been an enjoyable whirlwind of a collaboration. In fact, a second project was already well underway. The text of a second Gundar story was already largely-written (- more of that later.) Carried along in this madly enthusiastic joint venture.
But other things got in the way .. That’s life, eh? Sometimes it sucks.

clip_image004I am VERY conscious that the character Gundar wholly belongs to dBeverly. By posting this story, I am making no claims. The nature of our collaboration remains too pleasant a memory to indulge in any such predatory games.
But there is a full-length story here. Some guys look forward to jungleman themes. And the escapades of Gundar can match many such adventures.

Plans are ….
The story will be posted in 7 lengthy chapters. Over the next few weekends, – in the hope that guys can find the time to get into the reading over a week.
Here’s hoping that readers enjoy  Legends Collide  as much as its creators did.

(Sorry for this over self-indulgent post.  But dBeverly deserves the rightful recognition for his work.)