The oath



There had been other fresh fighters, newly bought, who thought they still had some say.  It came with the trade  ..  dealing in muscled flesh used to throwing its weight around.  Some just had to learn who was boss.  Some took longer than most  .  but every single one of them had come round.

How much was this Fiend going to take before it caught on?



The shocks



No stranger to violence  ..  Conan gave as good as he received.  Life had been tough  ..  almost never kind  ..  from earliest moments on.  He’d learned to expect little from others.  What you had, you grabbed for yourself.  And fought tooth-and-nail to fight the robbers off.

Violence had shaped him  ..  toughened him up.

The money-spinner



What the fuck was going on?  Lowered head-first into the bowels of the earth.  No wriggle-room, no fending off any attack.  Below only blackness, a menacing threat.
Getting beaten  ..  thrashed across his back, belly pummelled till it screamed  ..  Conan would have expected that.  He’d shown that fucker of a fight-master up, after all.  Dumb prick, sticking him in the pit with preening amateurs.

But getting buried in darkness  ….?  What the fuck was going on?