Identity crisis


They respected the buffalo, its right to roam free.  The Indian Nations, too  ..  following in its footsteps  ..  taking just what they needed  ..  living in harmony  …..
By what right  …..?  These White-eyes  …..?  What gave them the right  ……?

One of their own, brought up in the tribes ….. he ought to know better!




Wheel of fire

Identity crisis


The crimes were unforgiveable.  Enclosing land where the buffalo had freely roamed.  Claiming it as their own.  Trickery.  Murder of their chief.
One had got away,  But this White-eyes traitor remained.  Deserted the tribes  ..  adopted the White-man’s ways  ……

Only one way for the costs to be settled ………


Tunnel of death

Identity crisis


A captive brave, taken in war  …..  the tribe deserved retribution  ..  for their own men  killed  ..  for possessions lost.   A long lingering death  ..  expression of their anger  ..  worthy of their hate.  The enemy’s last hours spent knowing nothing but anger and pain  …..

But finally it always ended one way …….




Identity crisis


Did the brave believe him?  That Joe could save the chief?   Desperate?  Or suspicious of a trick?
Did Joe have the faith in himself?  That whatever it cost he had to get away?  Save Bodie’s hide.  Could Bodie trust that Joe would race to the fort?
Was he putting too much faith in the army?  That they’d leap into their saddles.  Gallop here like fury.  Just to save one man?

Bodie had put his skin on the line. Trust well-placed?