Clint Walker

Sad news this week to hear of the passing of an icon.  He kept many a drooling maiden rooted in front of ancient black-and-white TV’s for years, – my mother included.  His larger-than-life creation of Cheyenne Bodie will live on in the memories of many.

rendsz’ world can only hope he would have been tickled by the many heart-felt tributes paid to his name on this site.

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Cheyenne forever!





No Secrets


The Boss liked the idea  ..  Pete could tell.  Letting the lecher off  ..  scott-free  ..  dumped beyond the county line  ..  got away with it  ……  not the Boss’ idea of payback.
Pete’s suggestion  ….  killed two birds with one stone.  Did as his Pa had instructed.  And the stinking lecher got his come-uppance.  Hardly Junior’s fault the punk had stumbled on some pesky Injuns  ……

But that was later .. the night was still young .. plenty of more fun to be had ……


County line

No Secrets


Guy like that  ..  a guy that big  ..  just asking to be taken down a peg.  Big silent type  ..  big shoulders, broad back  ..  the kind who thinks brawn gives him the right  ..  like you’re supposed to step aside.  He’d been eyeing him  ..  in the saloon  ..  itching to take him on.

Going with the Boss’ woman .. the sucker just lined himself up …… who could resist?


In tandem

No Secrets


How the hell did he get into this mess?  More important, how did he save his hide?  Get out of this mess?
Him against two.  Not bad odds. If he was standing on his feet.  If things were more even.  Him and Morrow.  Easy.  Him and Brawler.  Bodie wouldn’t hesitate.

Strung-up like this ….? Where did things go from here?