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Barbary pirates – end

With guys like these, is there any doubting Thomas out there?  Who thinks Mitchell’s uprising will not succeed?  Look at ‘em.  Honestly  ..  against these dudes  ..  do Rais’ poor slave handlers stand a cat-in-hell’s chance?

My thanks to these guys for leading us through the story.  Each as good as the next.  Each as inspiring as Mitchell.


“Barbary Pirates” has been deeply personal.  A friend’s ancestor was captured and enslaved on the USS Philadelphia.  But after the initial fight scene, the story has been make-belief.  I can only hope the narrative remains true to his forefather’s fortitude.

One thing I DO know  ..  the characterisation of Mitchell  ..  it owes a lot to my tough-ass SF mate.  This was you, fella  ..  in case it wasn’t obvious.  Like (fore-)father, like son!



The story has been logged away in rendsz’ world active.
The Gallery of illustrated chapter heading is open for viewing.

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Mitchell’s oath

Barbary pirates


This wasn’t what he’d signed up for.   Putting his life on the line  ..  enduring the hardships of a cramped warship  ..  risking death every time they put to sea  ..  all that he’d taken on-board.
But loss of freedom  ..  betrayed by his own captain  ..  plaything for some Arab heathen  .. THAT he hadn’t signed up for.
There had to be something better than this  ……..



Depths of dismay

Barbary pirates

An infidel,  Unbeliever.  With the likes of such scum, anything went.
An American pig.    Filthy disgusting animals.  Live on muck, shit and dirt.  Untouchable.  Unclean.

Rais wanted this.  The infidel’s pain.  The pig’s squeals.
And what Rais wanted, Rais got.


Rais’ vow

Barbary pirates

The captain was unjust.  They’d done their best on this fucking slave.  Whipped till he squealed like a pig?  Who’d ever told them that?
But he’d scream all right.  Rais would have what he craved.
He said they’d let him down.  Unfair.  But when was Rais ever fair?
Let him down again  ..  they’d be feasting on their own balls.




Barbary pirates


Near to pissing in his pants.  Wilting under the captain’s glare.  Not a man to upset.  No one you argued with.
They’d done their best.  What they thought was right.  That fucker couldn’t get back under his own steam  ..  had to be carried back.
What more did the captain want?




Barbary pirate

You couldn’t miss the message.  You had to be blind to misread the signs.  Rais’ actions spoke more than words.  This body  ..  muscular, strong, broad-shouldered, tight in the belly  ..  HE owned it.  Every single little bit of it.

But  ..  in case this stubborn ass was too dumb to get the message  ..  in case any other piece-of-scum out there got the wrong idea  ..
Well,  …………….






Barbary pirates

So he thought he was the formidable warrior, did he?  Brave, proud, strong.  Defied his captain’s orders.  The ship had surrendered.  But not this one.  This pig knew better.
Singled-out, separated from his shipmates  ..  made to row with the negroes at the oars.  But still he thought himself something special  …..  Didn’t know when to lie down and beg.

An unbeliever.  An infidel.  And that alone gave Rais every right.  An abomination in the eyes of good Muslim men.  Filth, pig-shit.
But Rais needed no justification.  He had his own cause.
The pig had crossed him.  No slave did that.