3 thoughts on “Storyboards”

  1. Thank you for your talented writing’s. These stories hold my attention so very much, Have you ever thought of puting you stories in one book? Every one, Tarzan, Nic Carter and The Sacred tree. Your descriptions oof the events are not only well written but slso extereamly erotic. Please continue to write such wonderful stories, However I am running out of paper and ink.
    Agaibn many thanks, Ron G.

  2. I enjoyed sevral of your males in th ejungle. I came to the site because a google seach said you had some stories with indans or the pny express. Are these yours or from other sites, and how couldI see hem. i love cowboy or indian storyboards, add I think your would be exciting.
    thnaks for all your stories, and illustrations

    1. Hi! Thanks for getting through to me. And for the kind comments. I think your Google-search only gave part of the picture. Cowboy-and-Indian stories are a small part of my collection. You’ve probably found the Cheyenne re-takes: Click here. Scroll to the bottom. There are incidentally anothr two ready for posting some time.

      Probably your search gave a cross-link result. The Pony Express reference for me is the indicator. Do you know the Aquadude Bunker site? See Yahoo group here. Aquadude this week has started posting a re-work of his Pony Express rider storyboard.

      All the best



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