3 thoughts on “Snapshots”

  1. MAN’ just came across this… I can remember watching TARZAN when I was younger, NOW im a bit older I don’t feel too bad at getting exited watching this stuff. Just dug out some adventure movies after seeing this site… BEASTMASTER, seeking out THRILLS like the QUICKSAND scene, falling into natures own MAN-TRAP! Wrong time to stand up seeing that scene! I watched a bloke in a jungle step into shifting SINKIN’ SAND, man that was good. “SLOWLY bein’ sucked into the sloppy WET CEMENT, gruntin’ an’ strugglin’ sinkin’ deeper as he stretched an’ moved tha’ mud-sand mix, eased into the creases of his shirt invadeing every part of him, UPTO HIS ARMPITS… I was on the edge of the seat as quicksand swallowed his shoulders and buried him upto his NECK, the liquid sand coiled round his neck, inchin’ into his open neck shirt collar now floating chin deep. HE GOT PULLED OUT. must be a bloke thing, coming along to your site renewed my interest.

  2. MEN IN DANGER ! – ICE COLD IN ALEX army bloke TOLD TO STAY ON THE TRACK deep in tha’ desert cos either side was deep shiftin’ mud… Of course he wanted to taste DANGER ! Hauling on his back pack he ran off into tha’ dark wanting to feel tha’ waiting wet sand – HE FOUND IT ! Coated in oily sweat the broad muscled soldier fell in waist deep, again gruntin’ an’ getting dangerously excited the deeper he sank MAN THAT WAS GUD ! Does sinkin’ sand really exist or is it just for movies.

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