Clash of wills – origins

The story “Clash of wills” had its beginnings in an invitation to write the English storyline to a set of illustrations developed by a pair of collaborators in Asia.  They had developed a richly illustrated comic strip in Thai  ..  with a massive portfolio of 3D-rendered images.  They issued an invitation to write the story in English to reach out to a wider public.
Although a lot was developed, unfortunately the work remained incomplete.  Life all-too-often gets in the way  …….



Waste not, want not.  The story couldn’t be left to go to waste.
Since then, the text has been completely re-written.

In order to preserve the pristine nature of the originators’ creation, much was altered when the “Clash of wills” series was formulated.
Location was moved from Far East to Middle East; the Thai warrior-prince was replaced by the legendary Maciste; the relationship between prince and friend was reversed; the mistaken identity of Maciste was invented; etc.

However, the core ideas of Afterdark and his collaborator Wes remained:
Nobly surrendering to save the women hostages;  abuse by Parthian invaders;  two friends made to suffer for each other;  beasts of burden, hauled back to slavery and execution; the prince sent to Hellgate.

To pay homage to the huge set of rendered images we were working to, a request went out to the originators.  They have kindly given permission to post a selection of their original illustrations.


The three galleries will be uploaded over the next days.


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