Journey to hell


The goat-shagger had got caught stealing.  But it had taken the evil genius of a Tiradates to appreciate his use.  That fuckhead, that prick-of-a-prince, refusing to cooperate.  Not going to haul that cart  ..  part of Tiradates’ plan to work the arsehole into the ground  ..  work him till he sweated blood.

No waste  ..  one goat-shagger as good as any other  ..  Tiradates would have order the goat-shagger’s head off without a second thought.  But it had worked.  The fuckhead-prince had shackled himsedlf to the cart.  Anything to save an innocent goat-shagger’s life.  That prick-of-a-prince, it seemed, was weak like that.  Capitulating!  To save some fucking peasant’s head!

Tiradates fancied he was getting inside the arsehole’s head ……




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