Journey to hell


The dog had shown himself intractable.  Tiradates had thrown the lot at him  …..  that roasting over a hot stone  ..  it had done this stupid prince-prick in.  Physically.
But mentally?  Even weakened, that look of defiance came back.  Tough.  As sun-baked leather.
Tough.  But not tough enough.  Days before they reached the capital.  Endless days of tortured strain before this prick stumbled in before the emperor.

Days to break that stubborn will.   Tiradates had ordered it done.



1 Response to “Spirit-sapping”

  1. July 5, 2017 at 07:50

    Yes, Maciste deserved to survive this captivity and flee.
    But also the Emperor was allowed to humble his opponent in a terrific torture.
    Only then would Maciste, together with the true prince, succeed in fleeing.

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