Jay’s comment on Zack Vazquez

“Hey Rendsz. Just an FYI, had an interaction with Zack, he’s a homophobe.”

I’ve spent time worrying about what to do about his comment.  rendsz’ world is not the place to give homophobia oxygen.


I have no reason to doubt Jay.  After searching, I’ve not found evidence to counter it.  Or to back it up.
Solution?  Replace the images with another model?  Easy enough  …….

But  …..  another thought  …..

Ka-Lan has fallen into the clutches of a world-class sadist.  His studly fortitude is to be made to prove itself.  Tested to the extreme.  Just the sort of treatment one might wish upon a homophobic bully-boy  ..     And Ka-Lan’s to be tested  ..  not by a clutch of limp-wristed gays.  Put to the test by a hetero bitch.

Is it possible some readers might wish to transmute Ka-Lan’s treatment onto a homophobe?  And yearn for just that kind of abuse dished out?  See his over-preening straight manliness stretched to the extreme  …..  a first-class sadistic bitch taking on the homophobic bully-boy  …..  pure hetero stuff, F/M  ….  tested out of his skin to prove himself  …..  Might there be some added irony there to enjoy?
“Couldn’t happen to a better guy!”

For now  …  unless I hear otherwise  ….  Zack Vazquez stays.  To be exposed to the wiles of a sadistic bitch


1 Response to “Jay’s comment on Zack Vazquez”

  1. 1 Jay
    June 13, 2017 at 04:19

    Look forward to seeing him worked over as only you can, Rendsz. If I may request, some gutpunching please! Thanks, Jay

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