12. Caution



He had to be hurting.  Like hell!  That beating earlier had pummelled up his insides.  By dawn the bruising would have coloured up.  Stiffness set in.

He’d been warned   ….  The hostages.  Pull any funny stuff and he was condemning a bunch of savages to agonising deaths.  Pieters ‘d have the rest of them watch.  Seeing their buddy-savages tortured out of their minds.  Warning what they’d be getting.   ‘Cause their Tarzan was trying on his stunts. 

Had the asshole learned enough not to pull any tricks?  He’d felt the knuckle-rings.  Play them up   …  and the prick would get a good pistol-whipping as well.  Taking no shit from him. 

Not gonna pull any punches.  Get treated to a good kicking.  Jerk them around  ..  and the Wildman would feel military-grade boots chomping down on his hide.


Taking no chances





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