11. Scouting-out



So much for all that pig-headedness.  The fool thought they had only one card up their sleeve?  Just keep hammering away at his abs with knuckle-rings.  He’d already shown he was resistant to that.  And they couldn’t come up with anything better?  As if  ……!  They’d all been round the houses more often than enough..  More than one way to skin a cat. 

The old faithful  ..  threaten another sucker  ..  a different way to twist the gut.  Having a black savage taking it instead  …..  Barely made a start  ……  and the asshole crumbled!  Not hard-skinned enough, the fool.  The asshole had broken.  Saving the skin of some unknown savage.  Prick!  Not acting so tough now, asshole, eh? 

Started to spill the beans.  That spiteful stab in the savage’s guts  ..  unwarranted.  But a warning to the prick not to jerk them around.  The Wildman had intel.  They were having it.  Pull some funny stuff  …   and the prod was gonna stick it to the black savage again.  And again.  As often as it took.  Eventually it’d worm the intel out.


No pissing around!





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