10. Surrender


They’d gone through SERE.  They all knew what it took.  Knew the cost of interrogation.  All taken the beatings.  Had the wind knocked out of them till they couldn’t breathe.

The Wildman would have given in  ..  eventually.  Knocked senseless.  Beaten till he couldn’t think straight.  Had the shit thumped out of those crimson-glistening abs.  He’d have blabbed.

Eventually.  But they couldn’t risk the time.  Probably an enemy somewhere out there.  SERE had taught them the problem.  What the hell you do when the fuckers threaten your buddy’s life?  Test of loyalties.  Mind-wrenching, gut-twisting dilemma.  And no amount of rock-hard belly-muscle can fend off that kind of attack.

Go for it ….!


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