Clash of Wills

Book One  –  Hostages

He hated these stuck-up nobles.  Undermining him.  Hindering him at every step.  Belittling his merit  ..  because he wasn’t born with that silver-spoon stuck down his gob.
Well, he’d show the fuckers.  It was HIM bringing in the enemy prince.  It was Tiradates ending the war.
Those privileged suckers back at court  ..  they’d have to take him seriously now!



Book One:  Hostages    ends here.  Much more to come.

Tiradates has contented himself with humiliating the enemy prince.  Now he’d school the stuck-up prince for his new life.  Slave of the empire.  Barely worthy to crawl on his belly towards the emperor.
School this prick well  ……  and Tiradates was made.

A complete copy of the Book One is available to download.
And the Gallery of images in open for viewing.

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