I can claim only part credit for this story on rendsz’ world.  3-4 years ago I was working with AfterDark and his collaborator on a lengthy project.  They had put together an incredible set of 3-D rendered images, hundreds of them  …..!  They invited me to write the narrative to their illustrated storyline.



Unfortunately the project remained incomplete.  Several months of writing remained unused.  Over the last 3 years ideas have circulated in my head how to make good this lost opportunity.
The current serial takes in a different location from their original storyline; a different historical time-frame; the hero and his character are not the same; the relationships between the main protagonists completely changed.
However, the basic storyline remains.  The plot handed down to me by my collaborators is essentially the same.  The hero makes a decision to save others’ lives.  Thinking he can deal with the enemy.  He lives with the rashness of that choice.

I am grateful to my former partners for their agreement to post this new version.  It’s a pity our collaboration remained incomplete.  But I hope this story pays some tribute to their originality.


Clash of wills is long.  As such it moves on at a pace that moves the hero from shame and humiliations onto increasingly brutal treatments.  A journey over very many episodes.
The story is too extensive to post in one go.  It will be broken down into several books.  Posted over many months.  Other stories will be posted in-between – to forestall the writer’s tedium with the heroes.

Illustrations  –  posting over several months means that numerous models are being used.  Usually one for each chapter.
It would have been nice to see AfterDark’s original 3-D renderings made available.  They are a remarkable piece of work.


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