The Untula


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The Untula.  Tarzan had never heard of the tribe.  He had travelled wide.  He had sat around camp fires sharing tales.  And yet he had never heard tell of the Untula.  Maybe not so surprising  ..  Tarzan had come a long way pursuing Wright.  Well away from his usual jungle.  Wright had known Tarzan was on his tail.  He’d run.  And relentless Tarzan had stayed after him.

The Untula.  When you saw them, this tribe  ..  it WAS astonishing they were not on every man’s lips  ..  the way the looked.  Eye-catching every single one of them.

Tarzan had not noticed how remote the land had become.  Or how far Wright had been leading him off the beaten track.  He was going to get Wright.  He was going to put an end to his crimes.  Who cared how far they went?  Wright was going to pay. 

Fleeing.  Wright had doggedly evaded capture.  But Tarzan was not letting up.  Into jungle unknown.  Relentlessly pursuing his prey up into the hills.  Tenaciously dogging Wright’s heels through mountainous terrain.  But Tarzan remained determined to put an end to Wright’s evil-doing.  Justice would prevail.

The Untula.  Never heard of them.  But they found him.  Stealthily they had trailed the pair of them.  Tarzan too intent on his mission to spot them.  The hunter and hunted  ..  they had been hunted down.  Tarzan had never heard of them.  But they weren’t a tribe he’d easily forget.



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