Return of an old favourite

Starting this week  …….


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Tarzan has spent a lifetime  ..  hunting down monsters.  Bringing them to justice.  As often as not carrying out the sentence himself.  Out of sight, out of mind.
But Wright  …..?  He was up there with the worst.

Without any scruples.  He killed without a second thought  …..  if that got him what he wanted.  Nothing mattered  ..  nothing but his own will.  No one stood in his way.  He’d rape a woman in front of her man  ..  just to make a point. 

The point?  Cross him and pay the cost.
Few had ever deserved Tarzan’s attention more.  Few had warranted more for Tarzan to take them down  …….

Tarzan had Wright on the run.  For days he’d been tracking him  ..  getting further and further away from his usual haunts.  A couple of times he’d had Wright in his sights.  And then the slimy eel had slipped out of his grasp.

Tarzan didn’t care how far off the beaten track they went.  How long it took.  He’d put a stop to Wright’s evil.
And if Wright didn’t come quietly  ..  well, Tarzan would have no scruples either.  An eye for an eye.  Wright had it coming to him  …….


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