Chink of light

Pirate prison


rendsz’ world likes to be generous with its heroes.  Up against it  ..  constantly put under duress  ..  they deserve the chance to sort things out.  Mitchell’s got his hopes up.  Encouraged by a chink he’s spotted  ..  an opportunity in his fortunes to prise open  ..  an opening to exploit.

A chance  ..  nothing more.  No certainty.  Only fair, then, to let him work things out.  He’s had it rough.  Why not allow him time to think this one through better?

Halfway through Mitchell’s saga.  A fantasy based on real-life events.  Time for Mitchell to find some way to turn his fortunes around.


Or  ….  in other words, truth-be-told  ..  the author’s off on a jaunt.  Call back next Friday.
Let’s see if Mitchell’s got it sorted by then  …….


Text only

Mitchell’s got his cunning little plan.  This buyer’s into him.  Mitchell will put up just enough fight to make himself attractive.  He reckons a rough-head like this one isn’t looking for a tame lamb from someone built like Mitchell is.  Get himself bought.  And then get the hell out of here.

Building work?  Heavy construction?  Maybe a time in the mines?  Or slogging it out in a quarry?  Quarries would be good.  Hard work but he’d never shirked a hard day’s work.  But out in the open  …..  Wait for the chance.  And then  ……  get the hell outta there.

THAT a plan?  Or that an inkling?  The germ of an idea.  Or is Mitchell simply banking on something turning up? 

An opportunity.  That’s what he sees.  A crack of light down a dismal tunnel.  But something better than where he is stuck now.  Up to him to make best use of it.
Many a slip between cup-and-lip, they say.
But nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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