A word about our star ……


Chase Savoie

Confused about the billing?  Unsure who is featuring in our epic?
Only a handful of posts and a different star in each image so far?
So who has got the star billing?


Bark Europa at St Helena - What The Saints Did Next

Ryan Terry

They were queuing up  ..  dozens of them  ..  the lines went around the block  ..  great fit-looking guys hoping to grab for themselves the leading role.  To feature in the new rendsz’ world blockbuster, Barbary Pirates.



Jostling for position in the queues to stars as Mitchell in this epic about an all-American marine sold into Arab slavery.  Bare-chested hero suffering heavy labour under a cruel sun  ..  and even crueller handlers.


Joel Corry


It took sweat and toil  ..  getting it down to a shortlist  ..  dozens of them looked perfect.  The photo-shoot was meant to be the decider.  Guys shirtless, sweaty and dirty.  Straining, struggling under the lash.  Captured by some of the best male-fitness photographers going.
The shoot only made things worse.  Soooo many more than looked the part.


Mario Hervas

It was the director’s decision.  Give them all a go.  Take the best stills for each scene  ..  never mind which model  ..  they all suffered beautifully.




So what that there are several fit-looking guys starring in the different scenes?  It’s a substantial epic, the director argued  ..  going on 100 pages.  Using the best of the bunch, there’ll be no risk of the eye getting bored.  Plenty of eye-catching muscle getting down dirty and doing the biz  …….


Roman Khodorov


Illustrations for Barbary Pirates feature:

Joel Corry
Mario Hervas
Ryan Terry
Chase Savoie
Roman Khodorov



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