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“Punk” starts tomorrow

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The proxy

A stand-in – takes the heat for another guy.

A patsy – everyone knows he didn’t do it.  But he’s getting it just the same.  To make a point.

A stuntman – does the jobs that the star is too expensive to jeopardise.  He takes the risks for someone else.


Time-traveller Garth  ..  permanent prisoner.  Trapped in a time-warp.  Randomly propelled through Time and Space.  Haphazardly landing in locations for reasons unknown.  Left to his own devices.  Left to sort himself out.  Left to find out if there’s a purpose to be here  ….

Sometimes in hostile places where strangers are met with suspicion  ….  and worse.
Other times in lands ruled by women, his eye-catching physique drawing attention  ..  and winning him enemies.
And yes  ….  in places where trouble tends to come looking for him.

Landed recently where lawlessness is the rule-of-law.  Where gangland rules.  Where rival gangs fight it out.  And the innocent are trapped in-between.
Where might is right  ..  a gang’s might.  A gang member’s right
Where gangs expect to get away with murder.
Where ..  you get on the wrong side of a gang member  ..  you pay the price.
Where you put a foot wrong  ..  and everyone knows you deserve what’s coming to you.

To a guy like Garth  ..  his mind-set as hard as his body  ..  just being around can lead to unplanned consequences



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