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Jungle river nature - Mindoro island

He couldn’t let it happen. Too much depended on it. He couldn’t afford to let it happen.

A peace of sorts had persisted for years. An uneasy peace. But it had held. A peace he had brokered. An act that had earned him enemies. So what if he’d had to crack a few heads along the way to get a truce! Left behind a trail of injured pride in his wake. He could live with that. Lives had been saved .. hundreds of lives.

Gun-runners. One side was secretly arming itself. Covertly preparing for war. Breaking his truce. Fighters armed with guns .. striking at unsuspecting farmers ekeing out a hard existence off the land. A bloodbath. It was planned to be.

He couldn’t let it happen. Butchery. Hundreds of innocent lives slaughtered. He had to stop it.
But they’d captured him. Tricked him, the gun-runners had taken him prisoner. Making sure Tarzan did not interfere with business.



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