Starting soon ….

Found that thoughts on plots have been drifting down the same path recently.  The stand-in.  The guy who is used as a tool  ..  used for punishing another man.  The stud who looks like he can take it  ..  absorb more punishment than the real target could.  Used to frighten the real victim into seeing how bad it can get.

A proxy:

  • Authority given to you to act for someone else
  • Ally you can rely on to act in one’s stead
  • Using someone, for a demonstration, for a purpose – someone less valuable, disposable
  • Person who stands-in for another guy because a task is too dangerous
  • A guy takes the heat for another

Exploring the theme of the stud who is made to stand-in for another guy.
Endures to teach another a lesson.
Does it come with the looks?  Is it in the nature of being the stud  ..  that some evil guys see you as useful.  Looking the way you  do  ..  looking like you can take it more than others.
Is there a risk the stud finishes up used in another guy’s stead?


First story exploring that theme coming up, a stud used as a stand-in for someone else.
A return to the American Wild West.
Welcome back Cheyenne Bodie  …..
Stud.  Stand-in.


1 Response to “Starting soon ….”

  1. 1 jayiijay
    December 26, 2015 at 19:53

    Love the theme, hot already. Clint Walker is the perfect stud to take it in the gut for others less strong. Bring it on, Rendsz! Thanks!

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