Broken/ unbroken

A quick check revealed that the links to the White Bull stories were all broken!
In the Repository, on the White Bull page, these have all been restored.

For those Readers with better memories than this writer, a couple of  things  about the next episodes of The Spectre returns should be pointed out.


The abuse which Tarzan is to be made to revisit was not part of the original storyline in White Bull 1 – Slavery.  Recognising in an after-thought that an opportunity had been missed, a new chapter Homage to the Moon was written later.  A not-for-the-squeamish lengthy episode of physical, mental and sexual abuse.  Having re-read it, one has to wonder what the writer was smoking that week!

In this last chapter of Spectre, that episode will not be relived in its intensity and length.  But some Readers might like to refresh their recollection.  Homage to the Moon – click here.

Does it need to be emphasised that rendsz’ world does not condone the kind of violence it regularly portrays?
(“A contradiction in terms if I ever heard on!”  “Who you think you fooling, mate?”)
Such brutality is the product of the writer’s warped imagination ..  and it stays there.

Re-reading Homage to the Moon the mission of this website was confirmed.  Men who stand stand-up to intense mal-treatment – and cannot be budged.  Not broken.  Stay spiritually intact.  Homage is intense.  The abuse overwhelming.  But Tarzan refuses to give in.  He endures extreme duress with guts.  He remains the man he is.

Shamed.  Brutally raped.  Is there any greater challenge to a person’s sense of self-worth?  It takes something special about a man to rise above that.  Unbent.  Suffer the most exacting of abuse.  And never giving up hope.  To the last, planning to exact payback.  He will conquer, he will triumph.

It is not the abuse that rendsz’ world extols.  It is that “special” virtue of super-manly masculinity it celebrates.  Battling adversity with mind-blowing toughness.


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