Who is White Bull?

For those of you who have got a life .. for whom an obsession with the fantasies of rendsz’ world has not taken over your being .. ie. for all of you reading, I hope ….. it might not be quite clear why Tarzan is in peril in the hands of White Bull
A summary is given on this webpage.

Starting off life back in 2003 as a retake of the Miles O’Keefe movie .. how on earth could a weed like Tarzan beat a huge bull of a fighter like this enemy in a duel? Tarzan just had to be taken prisoner .. and abused.
The abuse spread out over three lengthy books.
This was all written pre-PhotoShop days on rendsz’ world so no images. But AfterDark did kindly provide some illustrations for the first Book (- see link to Gallery on the White Bull webpage).

The current White Bull means to carry on in the same tribal tradition.


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