6.  Entertainment fit for a king

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“THIS can no longer be allowed to do its job.”

Kheir still had his older stepbrother gripped by his powerful erection.  They were close  ..  bodies almost touching.  Kheir felt the heat radiating off Maciste.  Pure anger.  Being handled like this.  Before Kheir’s court.
Raging hot.  But  soon to be shivering with fear.  In dread for his peacock-preening manliness.
“How manly little bastards has this  ….”  Kheir gave a goading squeeze  … “  ..  how many little bastard Maciste’s has this thing sired?”
Kheir stroked the flails gently back over the thickness of the rampant cock.  Each flail bearing its own message of dread.  He sniggered.
“Enough!  No more  …  “

Unseemly  ..  to get up this close.  The king’s hands soiled by the despised stepbrother’s hard-on.  But even more inappropriate to perform the act himself  ..  however much Kheir’s resentment was burning to do the job.

But the benefits of his arse on a throne  ….  always someone to do the dirty work.  Someone ever eager to please.  Who’d do a good job  ..  to please a king  ……


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