make him fear


6.  Entertainment fit for a king

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A dangerous game .. winding Kheir up. After all, they were surrounded by his court .. watched by the sycophants. Kheir would resent getting shown up. He’d end up taking it out on Maciste.

But what choice was left? This wimp was profiting from his father’s murder. He had wiped out the generals. These conquerors had Maciste’s people oppressed, subdued. Maciste was on his own.

Like hell was he going down without a fight. The wimp would never take up a challenge .. never take Maciste on in a fight .. even if Maciste was weaponless .. even if he was bound. The wimp knew he’d be shown up. Even Kheir was not dumb enough for that ….

Down to strength of mind, then … Guts, determination, standing up for himself. Whatever malicious tricks the wimp turned on him, Maciste was going to stand up to the prick.

He’d fume. Go mad with frustration. Embarrassed before his court. Kheir would turn nasty. Get vicious. Turn to the cruellest tricks.
Risky. But let the arsehole get away with thinking he was coming out on top …..? The last thing Maciste’s manly pride could allow.


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