6.  Entertainment fit for a king

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This was dynastic, this confrontation with Kheir.  Maciste, the last of the line.  His father’s bloodline to be wiped out with his death of the cross.  He’d hold his head high  ..  to that bitter end.  To show the enemy.  To hold his own end up.  To stand up to them  ..  for as long as humanly possible.

But it was also intensely personal, the one-on-one with Kheir  ..  now Maciste knew the truth about his father.  The smug wimp had been put on that throne by his mother’s scheming.  To rule over Maciste’s people.  A weak ruler, jerked his mother pulling the strings.  That prick did not deserve to be there.  It was the people who would suffer.

And got there by assassination.  Murderously stringing Maciste’s own father up.  Shamefully hanged like a common criminal.  And it didn’t end till they were all eradicated.  Next-up  ..  Maciste in agony on the traitor’s cross.

Give him one chance ..  give Maciste the slightest chance  ..  He’d snap the  murdering prick’s neck.


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