defy at all costs


6.  Entertainment fit for a king

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Maciste was furious.  Now he knew the truth.  The guards could not stop themselves  ..  getting in another dig at him.

While Maciste was made to wait outside the Great Hall.  Made to attend the new king’s pleasure.  And to kill time the guards had tormented Maciste with the story.  His father’s death.

Maciste’s poor people  ..  ground into the dirt since the invasion  ..  forced to watch their own king hung in their market place.  Maciste’s own father.  Slowly hauled up by the neck.  Legs kicking out, desperation fighting for breath.

Maciste had assumed his father secretly murdered.  But the bitch-wife had no such qualms.  This was a conquest, no secret plot.  Her husband, Maciste’s father, the people’s king  –  stripped naked  ..  hung publicly  ..  like a common criminal.

Mocking the soldiers had laughed.
“Took him a fucking-long time to die.”


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