Maciste – who is he?

Man of strength.  Fighting cruel tyrants.  Resisting men in sway to vicious gods.  Hero of numerous Italian films.  In English versions often renamed by more familiar names – Hercules, Samson – but those same epic fights.

But where the hell did he come from?  What made Maciste the heroic figure he is?
That earlier rendsz’ world tale “Maciste and the hostages”  –  beatings, torture, slavery, crucifixion  ..  that story went for the lot.
But it never bothered to ask the question.  What drove Maciste?  Risking life to fight for justice.  Enduring ordeals, put to feats of strength  —  suffering for others.  What made him do it?

The rendsz’ world story never bothered with such niceties.  Why spoil a plot with the psychology? 

The image was enough  ….

And all those Italian Sword & Sandals films weren’t much better at wondering what made the man inside Maciste tick.
One of the first films of the Maciste fad in the 60’s suggests his name means “born of the rock”.  And  ….?????  So what?

But otherwise   …?
What is known about his past?
What drove this man-of-strength?  Why did he fight a tyrant’s injustice?
What made him pit himself against corruption?  Take on evil gods at the risk of his life?  Risking capture?  And worse?

What drove Maciste to be as he was in all those movies?  What got Maciste on the road  ..  to a decade of Sword & Sandals adventures?  What happened in his earlier life to turn him?  Into the muscle-bound hero he became?  What forces kept him going  ..  battling, suffering, enduring, toughing it out?

Living in brutal times  ..  when violence against men was everyday.
Pitched against vicious tyrants.  Who took what they wanted by force.
Battling against cruel gods.
Sound familiar?  Sound like a scenario for a rendsz’ world retake?
Capisce?  Bueno!  Allore  ..  avanti  …..

“Stepbrothers” starts Monday.


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