Peas in a pod

10.  Holed-up
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Spetznaz watched the guys.  Curious how the black stud had taken the hole.  The sucker had to be done-in  ..  three hours he’d been in there.  He’d have to be one tough fuck-head to have any strength left after that.

The guys yanked up the trap-door, ducked in through the low doorway.  They rushed him.  The heat exploded out of the hole at them as they crouched to get in.  The sucker was out-of-it, on his side, seemingly unconscious.  Stripped himself down to his shorts, sodden.  But the heat had him.  It was too fucking hot to hang around in the hole. Quickly they grabbed an ankle each and beat a hasty retreat to the outside.  Dragging his dumb black hide out on his ass.

Spetznaz heard the black asshole groan in bewildered protest as the boys dragged him back up the steps down  .. bouncing his naked torso.  A sharp grunt when the back of his skull slammed onto a step.  The guys were dragging him lifeless over the compound towards him.  Didn’t look like he’d give them much trouble, too done-in.  Fucked, shattered, they dumped his sorry black ass under the tree.


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