Peas in a pod

Ch. 3  Relentless

Before he passed out .. before the heat got to him and he couldn’t think straight .. Kwesi dimly saw the light.

He couldn’t help it.  He was hurting .. every muscle ached .. light-headed from exhaustion and the tension. One minute he was there  ..  seeing what he had to do.  The next  ..  he was gone.  out-of-it  ..  helplessly being drained.  Sucked dry by the heat.
These fuckers had snatched the whole crew. Had them holed up somewhere else. Now they were getting it too.
Down to him, then. Had to tuff-it-out. Had to last out. Keep something back .. so that when the chance came .. he still had something in him.
The fuckers could hit. They could fucking hurt. But Kwesi refused to believe he couldn’t pull some rabbit outta that fucking hat. Just had to. Had to rescue the boys ……


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