Child of Tarzan

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Tarzan would go with any good-looking woman who presented herself. Only a few days ago .. a chief’s daughter yearned to be honoured .. impregnated .. blessed with the gift of his child.
Never a problem. He was virile, he was powerful. The children he produced would be fit and strong. What woman would not welcome the chance?
But this bitch-in-heat .. she called him her slave. She wanted him forced .. forced to slave .. not seduced to fuck. Forced to serve her peevish desires.
Fuck and then move on. Tarzan had done that .. women had borne his child.
But be fucked over .. by some so-called goddess? By that arrogant bitch? “Taught respect” .. and then forced to serve her petulant whims? Kept here against his will?
NO WAY! That bitch-in-heat could go get fucked!


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