Source of a new story ….

Remember Kwesi?

He first made an appearance in a Junglemen story posted on rendsz’ world in 2010.  Playing a minor role he rescued Tarzan and Korak from shame and humiliation.
Back in the early days before Photoshop made its appearance here (ie. no illustrations), there was a Mike-Henry-inspired story called Ultimatum.

Tarzan and Korak were being paraded around the jungle  ..  forced into embarrassing acts  .. a new jungle lord’s way of showing he was now king.  A childhood friend of Korak, Kwesi didn’t like the sound of this man planning to take over justice in the jungle.  As a special forces soldier, he used his skills  to rescue Tarzan.
And maybe as an old friend of Korak  ..  well, perhaps he did take his time at ending his friend’s gut-curdling embarrassments.  Enjoying a laugh at his friend’s expense.
Well, best buddies can be like that sometimes   ….!  Helluva tease!

There was no illustration of Kwesi originally in Ultimatum.  This one’s just for the eye-candy.

Tough guy Kwesi.  After all, if Tarzan needs his help to be rescued  ….?
Maybe it’s about time to bring him and his experiences back up-to-date  ….?


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