New story, new start

A new story starts early next week.
First, a bit of site housekeeping.

rendsz’ world Serials is where new postings have been housed.
Anything published since 2010 has its own webpage there.
But with time the right sidebar has been getting long .. disappearing down off the screen .. maybe hard to find your way around.

From next week new stories will appear on a new website.
Visitors looking for the most recent episodes won’t notice much different. security xxx
The rendsz’ world Homepage will direct you there as always.

A few last-minute tweaks are needed for the new webpage.
The new story starts next week.
But look out for a few teasers appearing daily.
Thanks for the patience


1 Response to “New story, new start”

  1. 1 jayiijay
    May 23, 2015 at 19:28

    So psyched for Tyler as Nick Carter. All your stories are GREAT Rendsz, but there’s something about the way you work over Nick that’s extra scintillating. Can’t wait for you to go for his gut. Thanks, and have a great long weekend!

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