30 the pledge


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They’d bagged Ka-Lan too.  They didn’t bother with a gag for him, though.  Clearly no one was interested in what he might blurt out.

And anyway, what-the-hell had he to say?  He hadn’t the first idea what the hell was going on.  Or what had happened days ago to land him in that hole.

In only a short while the truck stopped again  ..  their destination.  In short military order Ka-Lan was uncuffed, shoved off the truck and with a strong grip on the scuff of his neck barged off.  The last time he’d clapped eyes on Shaan.

When they yanked the hood off, he was in a small bare room, dimly lit.  A cage with metal bars.  Shoved inside and left.  In a cage, nothing to his name.  Naked.  No drink.  No food.  Only the heavy clang of a thick metal door to the room.

Ka-Lan didn’t even hear the echo of military boots retreating.  Sound-proofed.  If he screamed his head off, no one would hear.


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