22 the moves


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Stuck on their knees for a seeming eternity.  Facing the corner  ..  his favourite guard looming over him.  Every passing minute Ka-Lan thanked his lucky stars that nothing had happened.  That they hadn’t got to work on them yet.

That whip-lashing of the big guy had sickened him. Reducing his self-pride to sobbing into the stake.  Ka-Lan had been driven somehow to hit back.  But with every passing moment now he knew he was closer to a shitload of violence coming crashing down about his ears.

Ka-Lan tried not to admit it to himself but with every passing minute he was getting more and more anxious.  Fucking scared.  He knew he ought to toughen-up.  This was going to end messily  ..  he needed to tough this out.  But this agonising waiting was getting to him.

He’d gone for a piss not long ago  ..  he’d not drunk much that morning.  But the nerves were getting to him.  He needed to  ..  he was going to piss himself  ..  even though his head told him that was crap.  Why the hell didn’t they get on with it?


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