19 the breakdown


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If anyone can take it   ..  Ka-Lan had thought  ……  A male brute like this  ..  looking this tough.  The epic hero  ..  body like statues of the ancient gods.  Densely muscled  ..  arms that could bend iron  ..  shoulders to pull temples down.

Ka-Lan willed him on.  Fingers crossed.  Biting hard on his bottom lip.  Willing this god-like hero to show these fuckers.  He willed him the strength  ..  he prayed the dude would find the strength of mind.  Stick it to these fuckers!  Show them.  Give it them.  Show they couldn’t get away with this!  Here was the guy to prove it.

But that infernal whip.  Designed to have no heart.  Developed to rip open the spirit, not tear the flesh.  Planned to cut through to the soul of a guy.  Savagely slash through defiance.  Surgically slice up his will.

The poor fucker  ..  muscles on him like a god  ..  tough as iron  ..  will of steel  ..  body carved out of granite  ..  Did he ever stand a chance?


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