18 the hard lesson


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A big brute of a guy  ..  muscle straining for space on his bare torso.  Arms raised  ..  totally vulnerable.

Purely random.  Your number gets called out.  Your luck is up.  And the horrors of mindless torture are thrown at you.  For no reason.  Just today’s bad-dream.

Tortured out of your mind.  Beaten till you scream.  Whipped till you pass out.  Just a number.  Bad luck.  The way things worked here.

Ka-Lan had trudged around in his endless circuits.  First thing each day the guards had their fun  ..  dishing out with their power-whip.  Ka-Lan was one asshole’s favourite  ..  getting it twice as he passed.

In time the guards’ libido was replete  ..  got off enough  ..  had their fun.  Ka-Lan’s day settled into mind-grinding monotony.  Punctuated by blasts to his collar along with the water bottle.  All that was daily routine.

But not the mind-numbing horror of that morning’s mustering.


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