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“Not you, asshole.”
End of the working day.  What the guys at the grinder had been aching for all day.  Finished.  Released from duties  ..  a day well-worked, agonisingly worked to the bone.
They had trudged off, the other guys, dragging their exhausted muscle back their dilapidated barracks.  Wiping their gritty hands all they had to their name, soiled and tattered shorts.

All released.  But not Ka-Lan today.  He looked at the guards.  Had they overlooked the fact that he was still attached to the grinder?
When he saw the leer on his guard’s face, he knew they hadn’t forgotten.  Something was up.  He’d not been overlooked.

The others had trudged away, back to the barracks.  Back to lie down and let the grinding aches in their backbones throb away.  Not one of them gave him a backward glance.  Here everyone looked after Number One.

The guards hung around, waiting.  Making sure there were no assholes who might turn round  ..  pricks they’d have to put in their place.
Finally alone  ..  rounding on Ka-Lan  ..  freeing his max collar from the strut.
“Move your ass, fuckhead.”


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