13 the daily routine


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Ka-Lan’s heart dropped when again 484 was called out to the punishment detail.  Another day of pitiless slog on the grinder.  Shaan had been right.  The second day would be worse than the first.

This time he had picked out his friend in the mustering.  But Shaan hadn’t once looked at him.  Ka-Lan noticed he had been assigned to a gang of uber-muscular men  ..  a bunch of tough-looking guys.  Was there some task that entailed an even harder slog?

Ka-Lan found that idea less than comforting.  That there could be something worse for him that the drudgery around the stone-crusher.  But who said the grinder was the worst thing going?  What did he know about what went on here?  There could be worse things going on.  Things he didn’t know about.

But he did know that he was aching all over.  The day’s work hadn’t even started and he ached like mad.  The unaccustomed hard work from the day before had woken him up many times in the darkness of the night.  It took every inch of fight in him to get himself up and get the porridge down that dawn.


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